After 2 months and finally accepting that we’d probably never fill the position, we decided to give Job Lagoon  a go. Within 2 short days we found the amazing interface designer we’d been searching for. We just relocated him to Sydney and couldn’t be happier.
- Dave Greiner, Designer

Job Lagoon is a great website! I’ve been looking for a website where I can go to get good freelance design jobs. Most of the jobs on craigslist.org and dice.com are labeled wrong and not geared toward design. The postings that you have on here are great! I immediately added the RSS feed and check it everyday to see the new postings. Thanks!
- Tina Shah, Designer/Developer

I posted a freelance position on Job lagoon yesterday. Within these few hours I have received a a lot of responses — a few of them exceptional, most of them good and only a few absolute duds. Thanks for making the service you made. I appreciate it.
- Katrina McKinnon , (Australia)

We got about 10 applications, from six countries, many on the same day the ad was posted, and not a single time-waster. The person we hired has done a fantastic job, and we will be asking them to collaborate on future projects. Thanks for the Free Service.
- Graham King, Pacifica Group